Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

How about Eco-friendly gifts for Mothers' Day this year, or a bit more sustainable approach at least? Have a look on few examples below on how you can make this day a bit more [Green], and what zero waste gifts we carry. 

Give your time

Like they did give theirs (and they probably still do... like my mum calling me every second day to check on me although she is across the ocean #imissmymum!). Think what you could do to offer your time to your mum. Is it a long phone call that you've been always postponing? Or maybe just simply going out for a walk together? It could be as simple as running for groceries for her or drinking a tea on the porch on one of those sunny days ahead. Another thing is to offer her to take over some of her duties and offer her to spend some quality time by herself, sometimes it's all what they need. 

Green Kitchen 

Is it just me or you guys also noticed that once you become a mum you get 100 points more to your cooking skills? How does that happen? If your mum loves to cook, maybe that's a perfect time to introduce her with zero waste kitchen swaps. Have a look on our kitchen collection where you can find a few ideas such as food wraps. They are not only pretty but also super durable and functionable. We carry both beeswax and vegan options, made from cotton fabric. Wraps can replace tin or plastic foil and last over a year (i have my set for 2 years already!). We also have produce bags and tote bags up on the website.  

Time to relax 

If you are looking for some self-care, relaxation-themed products, how about bath bombs or body soaps. Always a great idea for a small gift or add on to your gift package. All our soaps are vegan, handmade in small batches, palm oil free, parabens free (basically meaning only good stuff in!) and they all carry a funny message. You can also have a look on other plastic-free bathroom swaps such as bamboo toothbrushes or shampoo bars. Check the bathroom collection here.

Do it yourself

We are a bit bored at home during quarantine life, so we might as well try to create something. It doesn't need to be a wooden chair or an oil based canvas painitng... simply baking a cake would do! A jar of homemade pickles (that would be my choice) or old picture of you and your mum printed and framed would be an awesome gifts as well. 


Get creative with packaging and use what you have. Replace wrapping paper with old newspapers, plastic ribbons with homemade paper ones. Look up Furoshiki - a method of packaging your gifts with a cloth or piece of fabric. The cool idea is to make packaging a part of your gift, for example you can get a scarf and package your gift using that. Or get produce bags, tote bags and fit your gits inside. If possible, to minimize carbon footprint when shipping, try to deliver your gifts by yourself or order it from the local to your mum place with local delivery available. 

Gift Boxes

If you are not sure what to get and you struggle to find time to make it yourself, have a look at our gift boxes here. We will pack it nicely for you using sustainable packaging practices (reused packaging materials, paper and ribbons, only paper tape and we will include a custom note from yourself and ship directly to your mum (or to you if you are a mum!) 


Let us know if you have any other ideas!

Happy Mother's Day! 


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