Few tips for your [Green] Easter

Few tips for your [Green] Easter

Easter is here, grab a few tips on how to stay [Green] during this holiday. 

Plan Ahead

This is the key to low waste celebration (like all of them, not just Easter). Planing ahead will save you money and will reduce your waste. When you plan, you will waste much less food and maybe give up on some last minute compulsive shopping (that would be me.... procrastination, baby) or unnecessary gifts. 

Cleaning the house

Use natural cleaner for cleaning your house (i don't know about you but my mum always made us cleaning the house before Easter). The recipe is very easy - 1 cup of vinegar + citrus peels - leave that mixture for few hours (up to few days!) then add half cup of water and move to spray bottle for cleaning. Baking soda is also good for cleaning difficult surfaces like kitchen sink or oven. 

Food, food, food 

Try to reduce your waste starting from kitchen. A few options to try would be to buy seasonal veggies or stock up at local farmers (less carbon footprint when transporting, supporting your local community and getting fresh food from the source). Another thing would be to try to make your own meals and maybe try some meatless recipe. If you are looking for some zero waste kitchen products like food wraps or dish soaps to reduce single use plastic in your kitchen, check them out here.

Painting Eggs

Colour your eggs using natural dye. This year I am using red cabbage and spinach. The recipe is super easy, cook 'colourant' in water (i left it boiling for 30 minutes). Then turn off, add spoon of vinegar and put your previously boiled eggs inside the pot with colourant. Leave for few hours. You can use tumeric for yellow, red onion for purple, spinach for green, onion for brown, red cabbage for blue. 


Is Easter gifting tradition in your family? If so, to minimize your waste, use sustainable packaging (make your own, use what you have, don't buy new paper wrap - use newspaper for example, don't use plastic...), make your own gifts (many options here! Baking a cake, sewing something, crafting crafting crafting) or try to buy sustainable gifts - either by supporting some small business in your local area or by buying something they really need. If you are looking for ideas, here is our gifting collection. 

Compost and such. 

Compost and recycle. If you haven't start composting your food before, now is the time to get that done. Many cities (check with your City) have special compost program and provide lots of information of what can be composted. If you are in our area, you can read about composting here.

Have you got any other green tips? Comment below:)

Happy Easter!




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