Crazy times around us... 

Hearing all the crazy news around us regarding COVID-19 virus spreading out, I decided to lower minimum order for online shipping to $75, valid through Canada and USA and for those in Calgary, a free delivery wherever you are for orders over $20 (we will schedule some 'social distancing' delivery option meaning I will leave your order at your door). There is no code needed, there will be a shipping option to choose at the checkout. Lowering shipping costs and delivering for free might be an option for those who stay at home or self isolate but still want to have access to low waste living lifestyle products such as unpackaged soaps. That's what we can do now to help you stay green in those difficult times. And also, we would really like to thank you for the support #youareawesome. 

What can you do to #flattenthecurve?

In epidemiology, the idea of slowing a virus' spread so that fewer people need to seek treatment at any given time is known as "flattening the curve". Another words... many of us will get infected, but it is crucial to not get sick all of us in the same time. Simply because of limitations of health care facilities. 

Tons of good advises on how we can help to flatten the curve are given by experts and can be found online. I'm not an expert (so please read up to date news from WHO or government websites) but according to WHO, we should stay at home and practice social distancing. That means, if you can work from home, do it. Not going out to restaurants, gyms or crowded places such as malls will help too.

Our funny soaps can help you to #washyourhands often, as advised and will bring some smile to your life:) Check them here

How can you help local economy?

At this crucial time, it is important to try to help local economy and small businesses in your area that will struggle the most. So if you have that option when shopping, try to support small business and locals. If you don't, there is plenty of 'free' ways to help out. If you feel like, give them a like, write a nice review, follow on social media, tell friends about them. Many places (like us) lowered shipping costs to minimum or implemented free local deliveries to make your life easier and still be a part of your shopping list. 

Low waste while social distancing?

Hell Yeah. First of all, so many online options to buy what you need (yes, including our website here :) ) . Also, some shops in the area are still practicing refilling your goods. But what is cool about sitting at home? Since you should not be really going out, you could try all those DIYs that you kept liking on Instagram without trying them out. Try to make your own cosmetics, learn to cook something meatless, finally read all those zero waste blogs you wanted and make plans for your next low waste lifestyle steps once situation is back to normal. Maybe even learn how to bake bread...?

Stay safe gang. 



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