How to minimize food waste?

How to minimize food waste?

Thanksgiving weekend usually means lots of food left. Unfortunately, it also means lots of food wasted. Did you know that in US experts estimate around 200 million pounds of turkey goes to waste on Thanksgiving weekend?

How to prevent food waste?

To stop food waste before it happens, try to plan ahead and buy only what you need. There are actually some cool online tools to help you do so. Check out for example this dinner calculator:

Before going shopping, think what could you cook using ingredients you have at home. There are a few websites that can help you choose what to cook based on products you have. You can use
for example. Type in ingredients you have and the page will show you some recipes to use.

While shopping, try to stick to your list... If you want to prevent some food to be thrown away, look for the sale shelf. Many shops (even the big ones!) have fruits and veggies about to go bad on sale. Get creative. You can use them to do juices or you can even freeze them. There is an awesome app called Flashfood where you can get discounted food that are near expiry day. 

How to store leftovers?

So let's say you sticked to the plan, but there is still some food left after the feast. Here is few tips on how to cut single use plastic waste this weekend and store your leftovers in sustainable way.

1. Fruits, veggies: Beeswax Wraps (click to see) 
Made from cotton and locally harvested beeswax. Will keep your fresh greens or halfs of fruits fresh for much longer. Simply wrap your leftovers in them and store in the fridge.

2. Dry food (nuts, snacks): Silicone Zip lock bags and produce bags. (Click to see) 
Those will prevent your snacks to dry out and also will eliminate need of single use plastic zip locks for storage.

3. Salad bowls: Silicone Lids (click to see)
Great to cover up bowls that you can just uncover the next day and put it right back on the table! Good for lazy people like me... So we don't have to move good to boxes for storage and back to bowls for eating! 

4. All the other food: Jars, jars, jars.
Clean the jars you have kicking around and use them for storage. Jars are great to keep soups in, and actually anything. Not all of us know but you can also freeze food using jars which will eliminate single use plastic bags for example.

And the last tip but not least - compost whatever is left instead of just throwing away. Did you know that food waste accounts for 35% waste in our homes? Thanks to municipal or residential composting facilities, our food waste can be then used in gardening.

Enjoy your food (in sustainable way) this weekend:)!

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