How to travel less waste on a long distance?

How to travel less waste on a long distance?

Obviously... traveling long distance generates a lot of waste. And I mean TONS of waste. Think off all the garbage that we produce when we pack, grab a quick lunch full of single use plastic at the airport, grab a taxi to the airport, printing flight confirmations... the list goes on. But let's scale this up and think about all the emission that is produced by airplanes and touristy sector overall. Did you know that round trip flight from Vancouver to Toronto can generate about 20 percent of the greenhouse gases that your car emits over an entire year? Ideally, we should all travel locally and explore places near by, but we live in times when travelling around the world has never been easier and more affordable. So what can you do, to make your long distance travel a little bit less waste? 

G O  P A P E R L E S S  
Easy said and easy done. Don't print your flight confirmations, trip itineraries and important information. Use your phone or tablet to store those. Lots of airlines provide email tickets to reduce paper waste too - do your research and choose wisely who you are flying with. If you really have to print, at least use a paper that has been already used on one side.

B R I N G   Y O U R   O W N 
My favorite part and so enjoyable. Flying with your own plastic-free swaps can help you reduce your waste. What would I take on a plane with me? (click green words to check it out on our website)

↠ My own snacks packed in reusable zip lock bags or produce bag. Usually nuts, cut veggies and fruits, sweets bought in bulk (in yo face!). I would probably not take them at all and survive without but the second we sit our asses on a plane I can hear Raf saying he is getting hungry AND NOW WHAT? :D

Water bottle - not so many people know that you can take your reusable bottle through a security check as long as it's empty. So no need to buy plastic bottles at all. More and more airports have water fountains or in more remote places you can always use tap water followed with water cleaning tabs - let's face it, you probably gonna have stomach problems either or :D

↠ Reusable Cutlery - I chose bamboo because they are lightweight and you can take them through security check, but it can also be some old reused plastic cutlery that you picked up by mistake... (By mistake, right?)

↠ Tote Bag - my hand luggage, my beach bag, my shopping bag, you name it, I use it all over :) 

Reusable Straw - All those Mojitos you are planning to have can be more sustainable if you refuse a straw and use reusable one instead. Plus, my straw is a straw with a story, handmade by war refugees in woman-run small enterprise in Thailand... (check their story here). So save the turtles and get wasted sustainable! 

Reusable cup (in my case my fav adventure cup - ceramic cup to go) ya, first coffee and then we do things? Great for teas, coffees and also quick drinks that would be served otherwise in plastic.

R E F U S E 
Refuse little snacks like... pretzels? That often (read: always) come in plastic packaging. Refuse single use plastic cups for water or drinks. Always take with you your own headphones and blanket/hoodie - those always come in single use packaging that can't be recycled.... If you feel like going one extra mile - refuse food on board and bring your own instead. If you plan on airport shopping - bring your tote bag and refuse single use plastic bag. 

P A C K   L I G H T 
Why? Less hassle, less waiting, also less clothes so you look the same on every picture... :D. But! A light backpack allows you to walk to from A to B instead of being forced to grab a taxi... Or using stairs at the airport instead of elevators... Another words, some energy savings here and there.

O F F S E T   Y O U R   F L I G H T 
Have you heard about carbon offsets? It's basically spending money to make up for carbon production of the plane you are taking. There are numerous calculators online to check your carbon footprint during your flight. If you want to make up for it, you can support projects that produce green energy or plan trees. 

Some airlines already offer offsetting flight emission as an add on to your flight. Never done it before? Stay tuned as I will write few words about it and show you how and where you can buy your carbon offsets - that will be sooon, cause now I'm off to enjoy my last few days on my little working holidays in Florida. 

Any tips for low waste long distance travel? 

Greetings from Florida!

Raf and Kasia


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