The Little (Long-ish) Story Behind the [Green]ster

The Little (Long-ish) Story Behind the [Green]ster

So where do I begin? (Kasia here.) :) 

Long, long time ago, when I was a teenager I had a dream that one day.... nah, just kidding. Last winter Raf (my partner in crime) was bugging me that it would be cool to start some little project and work on it together (blah blah blah). Meanwhile we started to implement little things in our house that would make our life greener. Easy things like composting, less single use plastic, more reusables. So when we met with friends the other night and talked again about how cool it would be to start some project, I mentioned that it would be actually awesome to have a little store and blog to show how to be more environmental friendly, you know save the planet kinda thing. Guys, believe me, their reaction was "yeah, suuuure, whatever, but imagine how cool it would be to HAVE A LITTLE PROJECT....:D". Ok, thanks for (not) supporting my idea guys.... :D. But seeing how much we have changed in past months, somehow we all started to believe in it. So ideas formed in our heads slowly... like the [Green]ster name, website layout, me being a ceo (I'm really bossy so I guess I can finally express myself haha), first products, just little things really. SLOWLY. Until the day we found out about the first Zero Waste Festival in Calgary. It was our 'Now or never'. We decided to sign up (read: Raf made me sign up) and join other awesome vendors, having only few things figured out at that time. But we had a deadline, a bunch of friends wiling to help and an amazing event to join. So things sped up A LOT. And when I mean a lot, imagine me trying to learn how to create a website, Raf setting up photography studio at the top of our washing machine (apparently it has the perfect height), me making weird decisions like ordering too many of some products (and too little of others), focusing on weird details, our friends discovering their talents for crafts... you name it :) It was crazy and at the same time the best two months ever. A night before Zero Waste Festival we went to sleep at 5 am. We were actually printing our logo at 4:30 in the morning. Wooden shelf for the table set up? I finished them up at 11 pm that night. Our friends (I'm suprisedt still hang out with us) were helping us to pack, to print bags, to get all stuff together a night before. That's why we laugh that our second motto is [Green]ster: Powered by Coffee, Beers and Procrastination. And WE DID IT. We showed up at the market after 2 hours of sleep, with litres of coffee, lots of goodies and ton of excitement. I will never forget the feeling of seeing all those people visiting our booth, sharing the same passion, wanting to support small business, laughing at our 'we went to sleep 5 am' story....

From that day, [Green]ster is up and growing. We have an online store and we do market pop ups. We sell reusable, zero waste, vegan, green, eco goodies to help reduce your waste. And our journey so far only made me think how awesome friends we have, how many other cool friends we met during those few months and how many we will (yes I'm looking at you if you are still reading this).


Let us know in comments:) I'm really curious who you are, where you are from, what's important for you, what local beer is your favourite, what do you struggle with and what you are good at :). Or just say hello, that's cool too! 


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