Zero Waste Valentine's Ideas

Zero Waste Valentine's Ideas

Valentine's day is just around the corner. And as much as I like lovey dovey stuff, the amount of crap landing on the landfill that day is huuuge. K, I actually really like Valentine's day cause back in the days me and my friends just used to party our asses off that day. Aaaanyway, let's try to make that day a bit more sustainable this year. Here's how. 

Experience over things

Gift experience over things this year. The possibilities are endless: cinema, concerts, shooting range (hell yeah!), romantic dinner, night in cozy cabin out of the city, brewery tour (my choice!), you name it. The key is to spend an evening together. (Awwww...) 

Sustainable Gifts

If you want to get a gift to your loved one, how about trying to gift them something more sustainable than a box of chocolates packed in plastic... Here are few options we have, local and sustainable. 

↠ Limited Edition of  ↠ Valentines Soaps.

They are vegan AF, smell sooo good. Funny and Sustainable. Can be paired with ↠ soap holder and ↠ soap saver bag (or you can get any three in ↠ Soap Lover box). Replace a need of plastic bottle of shower gel and hand soap. 

Bath Board. Who doesn't love taking bath with a glass of wine, candles, and a good book. Can be paired with our solid bath bar for some extra p l e a s u r e.  ↠ find bath board here & bath bars here

↠ Call of Beauty gift box for laadiees. Zero waste bathroom products all in one. A bubble gym scented soap, hair conditioner, a shampoo, toothbrush and q tips. All packed in a carton box (yeah, you don't need to worry about packaging anymore!) ↠ click here

I find you sexi gift box for guys. Zero waste bathroom products all in one. Our bestseller Big D*&k Energy soap (or other soap you like), a shampoo bar, toothbrush, toothpaste tablets and q tips. packaging included. ↠ click here

Egift- card if you are not sure what to get. Check out all sustainable products we have. ↠ find it here

Make your own

Yes! Make your own cosmetics. No, I'm not saying you should end up spending a month in your basement trying to mix up scents to create a perfume that noone ever had! But you could simply mix few ingredients to make body butter, face mask, body scrub. Pack in a nice jar, put a ribbon on, and a tag and your gift is ready. Look the recipes up, one of the easy examples is to make (you can make a few) different bath salts. For a small jar, imply mix 2 spoon coarse sea salt, 1 spoon epsom salt, 0.5 spoon baking soda, mix well and add few drops of essential oil for example lavender or peppermint. Another homemade recipe is coffee body scrub - simple mix used coffee grounds, brown sugar and coconut oil to create a paste. 

What about flowers?

Skip the plastic packaged flowers from huge stores and head to your local flower shop. If possible, get locally grown flowers, ask for paper packaging or better no packaging at all. The other option (and my favorite) is to get pot flowers instead that will last much longer. For plant killers like me, try succulents (check out Hoya Hearts succulent in the shape of heart awww) or get something more colorful (and easier to kill) such as orchids.  

Sustainable packaging 

There is just one rule here: use what you already have. The package of your gift doen't need to be a plastic, red paper saying i love your all over it. Well, maybe don't go for Christmas themed packaging, but you could simply use a newspaper, grey paper, old wrapping paper, carton box, or try to make furoshiki wrap using unwanted clothes. 

happy Valentine’s Day

p.s. Find all products we talked about by clicking here.

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