My name is Kasia, and I'm the one behind [Green]ster idea (if you ever email us, that's me always on the other side!). There is also Raf, my partner in crime, who helped me to develop this idea (like reeealllyy a lot) and bring it to life. So how did it all start?... Most probably while having some local beer....but let's put it that way: 

We recognized the need to get the word out about making better, sustainable choices when buying... anything. It all started with the idea of providing high quality, certified organic cotton bags to replace single use plastic bags. We wanted a super green bag we could put cool designs on. So we sourced cotton bags certified under textiles certifications known all over the world - GOTS and OEKO-Tex. Yup, proud of them.

From soap dishes to sassy shopping bags, we've sourced the best green products available. Some of them we make or design (woodworking, sewing, printing, candles, design on soaps), and other cool stuff has us teaming up with awesome local crafters. That's how we can offer you the [Green], cool stuff.

The aim of our Plastic-Free Shop is to show you some better, greener alternatives and package free replacements for items you already use. Our mission is to convince you that reducing your waste is affordable, easier than you think, and fun. 

At [Green]ster, we believe that every little step counts, progress is much more important than perfection and we can all be a part of a change. 

Join our gang to keep the Earth [Green] and full of delicious beer.