Giving Back

Since we care (we're not perfect but hey, we try), we are giving back to the community and support eco-friendly or/and local initiatives. Here are few examples of what we do. 


We're proud to support One Tree Planted - a non-profit organization registered in Canada and US focusing on regrowing our forests. So far they have planted over 2.5 million trees in North America (Also in Beautiful British Columbia), South America, Asia and Africa. Reforestation focus areas include wildfire restoration, biodiversity and habitat expansion, agroforestry, food security and social impact, and watershed maintenance among others. 

We are donating 5% towards planting trees! Another words, for every $20 spent in our online Zero Waste Store, we are planting a tree for you. You can also plant as many trees as you wish by adding them to your shopping cart ($1.4) here.

Why is it important? Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gases from the air and replace it with oxygen. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. Forests provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines. 

There are so many other benefits from planting trees. Trees play a key role in capturing rain water and reducing the risk of natural disasters like floods and landslides. Trees can be home to many species such as birds or insects, they also provide shelter for bigger animals. Last but not least, forestry industry provides many job opportunities and hence it boosts an economy. 

Looking for more information? Check On Tree Planted website here.



We are also proud to support small enterprise from Thailand by providing you their organic, handmade straws. We have visited Thailand on our last travel and we loved the story of a small, family business that boosts local economy and help refugees. 

Few notes about them:

A small social enterprise, refugee woman owned, home business started as part of the Hospitality Training Program at 100% Social Enterprise Restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Students were given a challenge of creating an environmentally sustainable product that also supported their greater community. All straws are handmade by Jing and her family and elders in her village who need an alternative source of income when not farming. Now, they are making five times their previous daily wage when they were doing hard, hot, manual labour. They are refugees from Burma/Myanmar, victims of the bloody civil war there that forced them from their homes two decades ago.

Jing is the chef at local restaurant and a volunteer in the language and arts learning center for refugees that it supports. Boo Boo is her son. Lisa is their mentor, teacher, founder of the restaurant and she is managing sales as a volunteer.

If you want to support them, get your straw here.


Plastic-Free YYC is a nonprofit organization leading Calgarians to reduce single-use plastic waste and create a circular economy. As they say "Our three-tiered approach of engagement — inspiring individuals, collaborating with businesses, and working with municipal leaders — is how change will happen. Our fully volunteer-run team is comprised of plastic-free and zero-waste experts who are passionate about raising awareness of the overall impact of plastic on our community and our planet.". More info here.

We love what Plastic Free YYC does in our city (they organize cool zero waste meet ups, lead environmental actions like #laststraw and organize Zero Waste Festival in Calgary. We've donated our products to their fundraising action during 2019 Holiday Celebration and (Re)Construct Sustainability Showcase 2020. 

 ↠ VQR VET RUN 2020 

Together with other cool, local Canadian brands we supported VQR Vet Run this year with donation of our products for their fundraising. VQR Vet run is a fantastic event to celebrate and support our Canadian Veterans. The VetRun raises funds to support veterans and their families, working with the Royal Canadian Legion, Regina Branch 001 to continue the work it does supporting Veterans. Check more info here.