What's the processing time for your orders 

We aim to ship the next day. If it takes more than two business days, we'll contact you to discuss options. Please note, we don't take responsibility for postal delays. 

Do you offer international shipping 

We currently ship to Canada and the US only. For international shipping, please email us to discuss options. 

What is your return policy 

Please head to 'Return Policy' link at the bottom of the page 

The item I want to buy is sold out, what do I do 

Please send us an email about sold out item and we'll update you when it's back in stock. 

Can I suggest an item for your store 

Yes. That would be great! We're always looking for feedback and suggestions from you guys! Email us at info@thegreensterway.com

I'd like [Green]ster to carry my product, how can I apply 

If you align with our values, we'd be super happy to hear from you. Please send us an email at info@thegreensterway.com 

How can I make your products last longer 

Have a look under product description - we always leave a note about care/ maintenance of your products so they serve you well.

What is GOTS and OEKO-Tex Certificate on your bags 

Those are textile standards recognized internationally, but managed by individual organizations. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a world leading organic textile processing standard. It covers the whole process, including but not limited to, labor practices, water management, eco-friendly machinery and overall impact on the environment. OEKO-Tex - Standard 100 is another type of certification for organic and non-organic fabrics. It assures that the textile is free from more than 100 substances known to have a bad impact on our health. We're proud that our reusable shopping bags are made from GOTS or OEKO-Tex certified cotton.

What is the Wabi Sabi collection ↠

It's a collection of our products that are imperfect. Instead of throwing them away, we offer them at super discounted rates. Why? Because we don't like to waste things. What do we mean by imperfect? Well, there might be a small crack on wood item, or a seam on a bag might not be perfectly straight or we misprint a word on custom prints. We believe that these pieces can still be used and loved by you. 

Do you support any Charities ↠ 

Hell yeah! We're proud to support One Tree Planted - a Canadian & US non-profit organization focusing on global reforestation. We are donating 5% from our online sales towards planting trees. You can also add Plant a Tree to your shopping cart and plant as many trees as you wish.

We also support small enterprise that supports refugee woman in Thailand by providing you their hand made, organic bamboo straws. Read more here.

What beers are your favorite 

Craft beers. All of them :)


Any other questions? Email us at info@thegreensterway.com and we'll get back to you shortly!