[Green]ster strives to achieve as green packaging by following two rules (in this order) 

Rule 1: We reuse what we have on hand.

We care about the environment more than we care about a fancy box. So our aim is to reuse what we already have. Don’t be surprised if your shopping comes in a shoe box. We often reuse packaging that comes from our suppliers (although we work close with them to help them change their packaging to be more eco) or that we pick up from friends or grocery stores. So if you see any plastic packaging or tape included – rest assured we're reusing what we have and we ask you to do the same every time.

What if we don’t have any boxes on hand?

 Rule 2: We aim for plastic free.

Sit back and relax – no plastic packaging is included in our standard shipment box. All items are delivered in cardboard box that you can recycle or reuse. There's no print on the box (less print, less impact) and our logo stamp is made from soy ink. A paper tape is used for holding the box together. To keep your purchase safe, we fill the box with reclaimed natural wood shavings that can be composted. 

But hey, If you want a custom packaging or a custom note inside your parcel (i.e. for a gift), please let us know. We'll do whatever possible to make that happen.