But why the hell should I 'think about the box'

Stop. Look at the logo again. Re- think it. 

» Think about the box ↠ Think [Green]

At [Green]ster we want to provide you with [Green]er alternatives for everyday life. We offer you awesome products in our Plastic-Free Shop and share some tips for sustainable living in our Blog section. Want even more tips and access to our special deals? Join our tribe at the bottom of the page. 

» Think about the box ↠ Think about [packaging]

Rule 1: We reuse what we have on hand.

We care about the environment more than we care about a fancy box. So our aim is to reuse what we already have. Don’t be surprised if your shopping comes in a shoe box. We often reuse packaging that comes from our suppliers (although we work close with them to help them change their packaging to be more eco) or that we pick up from friends or grocery stores. So if you see any plastic packaging or tape included – rest assured we're reusing what we have and we ask you to do the same every time.

What if we don’t have any boxes on hand? 

 Rule 2: We aim for plastic free. 

Sit back and relax – no plastic packaging is included in our standard shipment box. All items are delivered in cardboard box that you can recycle or reuse. There's no extra print on the box (less print, less impact). A paper tape is used for holding the box together. To keep your purchase safe, we fill the box with reclaimed natural wood shavings that can be composted or with reused paper that can be recycled. We encourage you to reuse our packaging as well. 

Please let us know if you have special request for packaging i.e. no wood shavings or gift packaging included. We will do our best to meet your needs. 

» Think about the box ↠ The [Wabi-Sabi] box idea 

It's a collection of our products that are a bit more imperfect than other. Instead of throwing them away, we offer them at super discounted rates. Why? Because we don't like to waste things. What do we mean by Imperfect? Well, there might be a small crack on wood item, or a seam on a bag might not be perfectly straight or we misprint a word on custom prints. We believe that these pieces can still be used and loved by you. How cool is that? 

Wabi-Sabi   Japanese philosophy often described as appreciating the beauty in imperfection; the aesthetic principal sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfectimpermanent, and incomplete 

» Think about the box ↠ [Think About The Box] Kit 

Not sure where to start? We have created "Think about The Box Kit" - a collection of bathroom daily use alternatives that can help you kick off your green lifestyle or help you reduce your waste at any stage of your sustainable journey. The box consist of - toothbrush, toothpaste tablets, soap, shampoo, travel tins and if you order subscription, you can have those items available at your door every month or few (excluding tins - those will be reused I HOPE!). Find The Box here.