Work with us


Are you a vendor or crafter? Do you have a product that could be part of our store? If you align with our values, let us know what you're crafting/ producing and we'll see if it works. 


Are you a local artist? Would you like your design to be printed on our bags and increase your visibility? We're always looking for opportunities to work with awesome and talented people (and we're always looking for new friends to grab a beer with). Email us and let's take it to the next level.


Looking to purchase wholesale? Let us know what item you're interested in and we might have it in stock. We also produce some  of our own items (quality prints, wood, ceramics, bags) or we can at least point you in the right direction. 

Custom order 

Interested in getting a custom order? Pm us your idea. Currently, we can provide custom tote bag with your design (and a discount if order more!) and custom prints on clothing. We can also  make wood objects - if you can dream it, we'll try to make it. Or we can get you a nice ceramic set! We might be able to get other items customized, depending on your vision and our availability.