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Note: Those cups are sold as tumblers as they didn't pass our quality test - the lid do not fir perfectly or leaks. Those tumblers are sold without silicon lid or sleeve. Can be used as water glass or storage containers or anything you can think of. 

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Calling all coffee and tea lovers! Ditch the plastic and paper cups and show off in the city with this beautiful, locally made coffee& tea pottery mug to go. 

Why do we love it? It's just so beautiful it makes other jealous. Perfect size for your morning coffee, great for hot and cold drinks. Looks good on your desk, easy to grab when walking outside. It's unique and can be customized. Gotta love this ceramic cup to go! 


» Locally made in Calgary, Canada by Amanda Ceramics

» Hand made in small batches

» Made of Black Stoneware 

» Holds about 250-300 ml (every cup will vary a bit) 

» Each cup is unique, please note that size may slightly vary (minimum 10cm/ 4" tall)


Replacement for: Plastic or paper cups 

How to clean: Hand wash it. They are dishwasher safe but last long if hand washed. Not microwave safe. 

End of life: Compost. Recycle packaging. 


Thinking of drinking cold beverages when using your new pottery cup? Why not you grab our organic, handmade Bamboo Straw.