Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

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Keep your toothbrush clean and safe at home or abroad in our 100% bamboo case. Made entirely from bamboo, the box is naturally anti-bacterial with hole at the bottom to release moisture.

It's a really light travel companion. No more wasting time trying to get rid of dust and crust from your toothbrush bristles... 


» Sustainable bamboo case, completely plastic free

» Made entirely from eco-friendly, anti-bacterial bamboo

» Packed in cardboard casing, that can be recycled

» Bamboo case length: Approx. 20 cm


Replacement for: Plastic toothbrush cases or... no case at all :)

How to clean: Just wash it with natural soap and let it dry completely before using

End of life: Place bamboo case in a compost bin, recycle cardboard packaging 


Got a travel case? Now how about one of our Toothbrushes. They come in 4 colours and are designed by Canadian brand Bambrush.