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A straw with a story. 

No doubt you've heard that the huge amount of plastic straws produced yearly are having huge impact on our environment, oceans and marine species. Well, start giving a sh*t and replace plastic straws with natural, ethically made bamboo straws. 

When we travelled around Thailand in the Spring 2019, we got them from the source and brought them to Canada... on our backs. 

Why do we love ours? 

We're talking about 100% organic, biodegradable and reusable straws, handmade by civil war refugees. They use locally sourced bamboo from the border of Thailand and Burma, so when you buy our straws, you're not only helping the planet, you're supporting a small enterprise creating jobs in a small community. 

We really do love the idea that bringing them to you and supporting a small community across the world. Get them, and you will be too. 


» Sustainable bamboo straw, completely plastic free 

» Bamboo is naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial

» Straw length: Approx 23 cm/ 9"

» Bamboo Straws are wild sourced, organic, hand made and polished with organic coconut oil. No chemicals used. 

» Perfect for using at home with your favourite smoothie, cold drinks or cocktails

» Thanks to the light weight, they're great for traveling 

» Irregular shape makes it a unique piece experience and tells a story 

» A small enterprise owned and made by refugee woman in Thailand. All straws are handmade by refugees from Burma/Myanmar who need an alternative source of income when not farming. Thanks to your purchase, they make five times their daily farming. Check out their full story in the About Us section.


Replacement for: Plastic single use straws

How to clean: Straws can be cleaned with regular dish soap and occasionally boiled in water or soaked in white vinegar/water mixture to disinfect (once a week if used all the time), they should be stored upright so no water sits inside. It's also safe to put them in the dishwashing machine on gentle cycle, but will last longer if washed by hand. They can also be cleaned using brush that fits inside. 

End of life: Place bamboo straw in a compost bin or use it as a plant holder 


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