Stainless Steel Rainbow Straw

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Say good bye to plastic straws and replace them with this durable, reusable straw. Stainless steel straws are easy to clean and carry around and look really good in your Mojito.

The straws are one of the most common trash found during ocean and beach clean ups. And guess what? We use it for about 15 minutes and damp it. Ditch the plastic and always carry a reusable straw in your purse. 



» Durable and lightweight 

» Straw length: Approx 21.5 cm, diameter 6 mm regular straw and 8 mm smoothie 

» Great for travelling

» Made with food-safe stainless steel 


Replacement for: Plastic single use straws

How to take care: Straws can be cleaned with a cleaner brush 

End of life: Recycle


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