Vegan AF Zero Waste Kit (Large)

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Vegans are not crazy. They are from the future! :D Not sure what to gift to a vegan friends for holiday season this year? This zero waste vegan kit is perfect for that, so they can reduce their waste even further and have some laugh.... (Because, guess what? Being Vegan or changing your diet habits towards that direction significantly reduces environmental impact of your diet) 


» Kit includes (Click on the name to open product in a new tab):

1 x Vegan As F*ck Soap - our Vegan AF soap, made locally from soap scraps

1 x Vegan Food Wraps (5 pack) - perfect to replace tin foil over your veggies

1 x Lunch/ Produce Bags Kit (2 bags) - replace single use plastic bags when buying veggies or taking lunch to work, snacks for a hike. If you wish to choose a specific colour, let us know in the message at the checkout. 

1 x Vegan AF tote - for your farmers market journeys 


» All products are plastic packaging free and are great replacements for single use plastic items

» Great for a gift for Vegan person so they can reduce their waste 

» Saving 5% when buying this kit instead of all items separately! 

» Kit comes in a carton box, piece of hemp string and a small cardboard tag that can be used to add some holiday season wishes 



Replacement for: Single use plastic items in your bathroom or when you travel 

End of life: Please head to each product description. Recycle packaging. 


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