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MADE TO ORDER - please email us at thegreensterway@gmail.com 

Who doesn't like taking a bath:)? We made a bath board, that makes an excellent natural, self-care gift. The board has a place for candles, phone and a wine glass (ya, we always take a bath with wine glass, dont we??!! Or at least we dream about it;) ). 

Made from natural cedar and treated with mineral oil, made by us. 


» Locally made in Calgary, AB by [Green]ster 

» Made from natural, cedar wood 

» Finished up with 100% mineral oil

» Size: 32" x 5" 

» Each piece is unique 


Replacement for: Plastic bathboards 

How to take care: Please note that cedar can slightly change colour. You can treat the wood with mineral oil or olive oil (very thin layer, take leftovers off and leave to dry. If repeated often, you can sand the wood piece with smooth grade such as 220 sand paper before applying oil)

End of life: Can be composted  


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