Wooden Lamp 'The Dude' - MADE TO ORDER (IT'S NOT SOLD OUT)

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The Dude. He likes to hang out in random places, usually close to book shelfs or bed side tables. I bet he can even have a beer with you, or simply hang out when you feel lonely. 

Made from red oak, can be customized. Legs and head are movable. 

This product is made up to order! If you wish to order it, please send us a message! Then we can customize it!

If you have your own woodworking project or would like to customize this one, let us know! We can make it work. 


» Locally made in Calgary, AB by [Green]ster

» Made from red oak

» Comes with the shade, bulb and the cable 

» Can be customized - colour of wood, colour of shade

» We make each lamp up to order (we're keeping only low stock so there is no waste of material) 

» Size: Approx. 40 cm height (when 'sitting') 

» Each piece is unique and handmade 


Replacement for: Shitty lamp :D 

How to assemble: Plug it in! 

End of life: Parts can be recycled. Wood can be completed after sanding. 


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