Zero Waste Kick Off Kit

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Not sure where to start? This zero waste kit is exactly for you. It consist of few our favourite zero waste swaps and will help you reduce your waste from a day one. Perfect for a gift to someone that wants to start living more environment friendly. 


» Kit includes (Click on the name to open product in a new tab):

1 x Vegan Soap (Big)- our Vegan AF soap, made locally, can be used instead of shower gel 

1 x Bamboo Toothbrush - a bamboo toothbrush that can be composted 

1 x Reusable Bamboo Straw (no pouch)- compostable, reusable, organic straw with the story (click on the name to find out)

1 x Market String Bag - perfect for market visits, replacing single use plastic bag 

1 x Food Wrap (Single, Large) - replace plastic or tin foil, keeps your food fresh 


» All products are plastic packaging free and are great replacements for single use plastic items

» Saving approx 5% when buying this kit instead of all items separately! 

» Kit comes in a carton box, piece of hemp string and a small cardboard tag that can be used to add some holiday season wishes 


Replacement for: Single use plastic items for when you travel, go out, or simply care about mama Earth 

End of life: Please head to each product description. Recycle packaging. 


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