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Think about the box, not outside it! Whether you just want to kick off your zero waste journey, reduce plastic in your bathroom or get ready for low waste travel, the box is perfect for you. 

Did you know that every toothbrush ever made is still around? Sick! It's time for a change and that box will make your life easier and greener. 

Go even more green and order a subscription! Delivered to your doors every 2 months. No need to worry when your stuff is about to finish, we will ship it to you every 2 months. 


» Kit includes (Click on the name to open product in a new tab): 

1 x Bamboo Toothbrush - once you are done with it, the whole stem can be composted

1 x AF Soap (When subscribing - different soap every time) - Made in Canada, Vegan AF, Great high quality ingredients, no parabens or palm oil, detergents. Pure awesomeness

1 x Shampoo bar - High quality ingredients, smells amazing and its easy to use - just rub it onto your hair and rinse 

1 x Bamboo Cotton Swabs (100pcs) - Made of bamboo and cotton, can be composted after use

2 x Toothpaste Tablets (65 tablets in each box - 2 months supply)  - Just like paste, without the waste! Use one tablet per brushing, simply bite and brush. Packaging is compostable as well. 


» All products are plastic packaging free and are great replacements for single use plastic items

» Soap and shampoo are hand made of high quality, natural ingredients. No parabens, palm oil or detergents included. 

» Saving 5% -7% when buying this kit instead of all items separately! Saving another 5% when subscription ordered. 

» Add subscription! You will get soap, shampoo, toothbrush, q tips and toothpaste delivered to your door every 2 months 


Replacement for: Single use plastic items in your bathroom or when you travel 

End of life: Please head to each product description. Recycle packaging. 


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Subscription Info: Please select "2 Months Subscription" from the drop box below. We will contact you in 2 month to complete the payment before delivering your goodies. Your next subscription box is additional 5% cheaper than the first time purchase. Shipping for the box is subject to a discounted flat rate of $10.