Zero Waste Bathroom Kit

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We think that the bathroom is the easiest place to start your plastic-free journey. There's just so much plastic we use everyday in the bathroom like our cosmetics packaging. Our zero Waste Bathroom Kit helps you to reduce your waste from day 1. 

Why do we love it? It's good for your body and good for environment. What else do you need? 

When you order, please make a note of what soaps type and toothbrush color would you like. 


» Kit includes (Click on name to open product in a new tab):

1 x Bamboo Toothbrush

1 x Wood Toothbrush Holder (Small)

1 x Soap of your choice,

1 x Soap Holder (big)

1 x Bamboo Swabs  

» All products are package and plastic free and are great replacements for single use plastic items

» Saving $$ when buying this kit


Replacement for: Single use plastic items in your bathroom 

End of life: Please head to each product description. Recycle packaging. 


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